Seeing A Doctor In Bali


Snorkeling or scuba diving will require your physical condition to be fit for each trip. Feeling sick before, during or after snorkeling/scuba diving is bad. Worst case is you have to cancel the the dive/snorkel and spend the whole day in the hotel. What a less adventurous day!

So, where to see a doctor in Bali?

For obtaining a check of your physical fitness as required such as when you had history of asthma you can go to Klinik Puri Gopa in Sanur, BIMC Hospital in Kuta (not far from Galeria duty-free shop), or your choice of hospital. Bali Diving does not endorse any of the two but only seeing them as closest option from our dive center.

‘Common’ illness such as flu, stomach-ache, headache and other minor ones you can find the medicine in many drugstores near your location. Drugstores are locally called as ‘APOTIK’ or ‘APOTEK’. See the sign or ask some local around you if you have difficulty finding one.

More serious treatment are available in several hospitals namely Sanglah, BIMC, Siloam, Bali Royal Hospital and so on. These hospitals naturally have ambulance service for emergency purposes. Below are their phone numbers:

Only from handphone/mobile you need to key in the area code 0361. Otherwise, call the number directly.

  • Sanglah Hospital: (0361) 227911 or 227915
  • BIMC: (0361) 761263
  • Siloam: (0361) 779900
  • Bali Royal Hospital: (0361) 222588

This quick-guide is written on March 2015.



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