Let’s Become Certified Diver (part 2)


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So, being a non-certified diver with 12 meter-depth restriction, is this a bad thing compared to certified divers who can go deeper?

Surprisingly the answer is ‘No, that’s not a bad thing at all’.

The aim of fun diving or recreational diving is a sort of ‘discover the beauty of underwater world’. In between 0 meter (surface) to 12 meter there are a lot to see: hard and soft corals, plenty of colorful small fishes, nudies, morray eels, stingray, manta ray, etc. Especially in Padangbai, in between that depth there is also submarine.

Dive Training even come to this:

““Going deep” is not an end in itself for scuba enthusiasts. Science has shown that the vast majority of marine species live at depths less than 60 feet (18 m).”

All in all, Discover Scuba Diving program with us is the solution for those who want to try the feeling. And even better than just a try-out program, you can get credit toward your program when later you decided to take an Open Water Course.

Open Water Course is normally done is three days but since you’ve taken the Discover Scuba Diving program you only need to add two more days for being a certified diver. Convenient, right?




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