How To Remove Advertisement Using Ad Block AddOn In Firefox


We share links of interesting stories to you through our social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Sometimes those sites posted annoying advertisement on their pages for whatever purposes.

Here is how to block them from showing on your screen. This is for Mozilla Firefox.

1. Hold Ctrl+Shift+A buttons to see the Add-ons Manager page. Other way is to select Tool > AddOn> Get AddOn

add on manager page in mozilla firefox

Add-on Manager page in Mozilla Firefox

2. From the Search column write adblockplus or ADBLOCKPLUS or AdBlockPlus and hit Enter button

3. Select Adblock Plus nothing else. Click More if you’re not sure. The creator should be Wladimir Palant and it’s homepage is (it’s and open source project, so feel free to check more about this add on from that website)

4. Click Install, and wait for Firefox to finish downloading the add-on

Voila! That’s it. Your next browsing experience will be different. Those annoying ads will be history in no time. And the good thing is you can block advertisement manually, so those who slipped from current adblock filter can be added easily.

To manual block a content: right click in the content you want to block, then click AdBlock Plus: Block image

See the difference between before and after we install AdBlockPlus here:


detik com before firefox having adblockplus before Firefox having Adblockplus. Full of annoying content right in the front page.


detik com looks clean after adblockplus installation

detik com looks clean after adblockplus installation



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