Five Common Mistakes New Scuba Divers Make


Taking a scuba diving course in Bali during a holiday trip sure is a good idea. Bali is located in the coral triangle therefore marine life, the attraction for scuba divers, are abundant.

But nobody’s born perfect in things especially totally new things like doing Scuba diving. According to Megan from PADI there are 5 common mistakes new scuba divers make, both obvious and subtle. Here are the five with a bit of our opinion in each.

Prepare to dive in Padangbai Bali. Scuba gear set up at the beach and instructor refresh the skills

Prepare to dive in Padangbai Bali. Scuba gear set up at the beach and instructor refresh the skills

1. Delaying a dive after certification
While time and money might make it difficult to plan another diving trip it is recommended to dive as soon as possible once you are certified. Join a local dive club to see any chance to dive with them. Dive as often as possible without interrupting your daily schedule.

Just like other skills, once you didn’t repeat for sometime it will take time to learn again. When diving is impossible, learn your course material during free time.

2. Doing too many things at once
Scuba diving is new for you and so is buoyancy control, monitoring air and position awareness. Adding underwater photo and video in there would be a lot of things to do all at once especially for newly certified divers.

Master basic things first before adding some more would be a good idea.

3. Holding back when you have question
Even your more experienced buddy was a beginner at some point and asking questions is part of their learning process. This should also be your way of learning. There is nothing like stupid question. It’s always reassuring to know things especially when you are underwater.

4. Not investing in personal gear
A set of personal scuba gear might be expensive but investment in this matter is a good one. Over time you know exactly what gear you wear, how they behave, where is what and they fit perfectly to you. No more panic to find the inflator hose because you know for sure where it is.

Once you have your gear, do a good maintenance. They’ll serve you good many years before even a strap snaps.

5. Rushing
Experienced divers are on different level. They assemble gears faster and in style. You? You take time to do it and that is okay. Do it slowly and ask your buddy to check.

Once in the water, descend slowly and equalize properly. Again, no rush.

A good diver is a relaxed one. You are in no competition in fun diving. So stay slow and controlled.

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