Bali Diving - Kubu

Tulambens other Wreck.

Kubu, Bali

Only a few kilometres west of Tulamben, you can find Kubu, Bali. Kubu village first exist from salt panning & fishing. Now mainly from tourism. When Arriving there you will notice on the left woodpiles which are used for this technique of salt extraction.

Kubu, Bali is situated in north east Bali 1 hour from Padang Bai & 30 mins from Tulamben Dive Sites. The coral garden starts right off the beach breaking the surface with a staghorn coral field and huge schools of fish. This is Bali’s second best snorkeling site next to Blue Lagoon Padang Bai.

The actual dive site can be reached by local boat. The dive starts in a shallow area of 3 to 8 m in a wonderful coral garden. This Bali dive site is very excellent to be explored, especially with its beautiful reef formation. Tempting fishes life including regular sightings of barracuda, turtles can be seen frequently. Sharks and Bumphead Parrotfish are other temptations to be discovered in this diving location. A moderate current will guide you in approx. 20 min to the drop off’s edge. One drop offs drops straight down to 30 m. It is beautifully grown with soft coral and any possible species of reef fish can be found there. White & Blacktip reef sharks swims pass occasionally checking out their feeding ground.

The highlight however is an area at 27 m of depth with a sandy field full of blue-spotted stingrays. The other drop off is only 25 m deep, ideal for the subsequent shallower dive.

The dive site in Kubu, Bali features a pinnacle, which erects from a depth of 25 m forming a scenic swim through in 20 m. At both drop offs your 5m safety stop will be highly entertaining. Both dives are drift dives with a mild current, with outrigger boats following the divers. Both are very comfortable dives.Divers are able to access the shore using a vehicle for taking the equipment with them. Various hard and soft coral, sponges and fan are the kind of good variety in this Bali dive location. Moreover, Kubu Bali diving hightlights the pygmy seahorses where you can find freely there.

The visibility in this Bali dive location is around 15-30 meters. Average current from mild to moderate coral growth is still being the main characteristic of Tulamben area, including Kubu. Lionfish occupies the deeper sections of reef and nudibranches can be found by divers at all depths.

  • Pickup /Drop Off (South Bali Area)
  • Lunch and Water
  • All Dive Equipment
  • Certified Dive Guide
  • Minimum 2 certified divers per trip ( Single divers can join without any surcharge.
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  • This price is for certified divers only. Non certified divers please check out our Discover Scuba Diver Experience.