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Bali Diving, Indonesia

Bali “The Island of the Gods”, is certainly a Scuba Diving dream and paradise and a must to grab your scuba gear and come explore this underwater beauty. The diversity of marine life and dive sites in Bali, Indonesia is exceptional.
We could be diving on the incredible USAT liberty Wreck in Tulamben, or Exploring the deep dropoff’ of Nusa Pendia and Crystal Bay where you could get the chance to spot an Oceanic Sunfish (Mola Mola) or go diving in Nusa Pendia with manta Ray’s.

We also have some of the best Muck diving for all you that love to take your camera underwater, we at Bali Diving, love to show you lots of rare marine life and some of the most beautiful hard and soft corals.
The USAT Liberty Wreck has been in the top 15 dive sites in the world and still there as one of them.
Here at Bali Diving we make sure that we excel at every corner of your journey diving in Bali, Indonesia our Instructors and guides are second to none and will guarantee you not just a great time under the water but fill you with amazing diving experiences back on shore.

Check out some of the scuba diving you can do here in Bali, Indonesia below. All these locations work very well as individual diving days as well as a diving safari package for multiple days or even your complete diving holiday.
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Bali Diving Scuba Instructor & Dive Guides are both PADI & SSI qualified, They are friendly and experienced guides and you will have a great time seeing the exotic underwater world and its inhabitants in safety.

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