About Bali Diving

Choosing the right diving facility for your vacation here in Bali is easy when you choose Bali Diving. When you book with us you can rest assured that as an internationally accredited Dive Center, our safety standards, equipment, air fills and training are second to none….we guarantee it! Our best advertisement is the hundreds of satisfied customers that have dived with us and continue to tell their friends about us. We want people to have a great time and get the best and most personalized attention possible.

Because we are a boutique sized dive center, we are far better positioned to give you the personalized service we are so proud of and for which we are so famous. Not to mention that our lunches are all purchased from restaurants – not bought on the street or made up “out behind the dive shop”. At Bali Diving we are committed to providing you with the best & most current comprehensive selection of Daily Dive Trips, Diving Courses and Scuba Experiences.

Our “Small Group” approach enables Bali Diving to make your Bali Dive Holiday safer, more fun, more personal and definitely more memorable. Don’t be fooled by the many cheaper “Tea Bag” Diving Trips and courses on offer. Bali Diving is the real deal: Top Quality and some of the lowest prices in both Bali and the World…….we guarantee top quality at a fair price.

There are many, many dive shops that include Bali Diving as part of their web search engine or business name, but there is only one “Genuine” BALI DIVING and you’ve found us! So, please, come by the shop or enjoy browsing our site. Send us an e mail and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Message from Bali Diving

A very special welcome to our brand new website at Bali Diving. I hope you find it informative and easy to use. Don’t forget that we welcome enquiries as well as suggestions on how we can improve.

Bali Diving is especially close to me as it encompasses a lot of my own personal values about diving and the journey of learning to dive. Its about living a dream and what I hope we achieve with Bali Diving is to connect all the people who have a dream to experience the underwater world. To have fun exploring this fantastic place and to be very safe as we do it.

Most importantly, that you find new experiences, new adventures and new friends during your time with us at Bali Diving.

Bali Diving Office


Among this meticulous person’s job is to handling your phone reservation. Rest assured he’ll get whatever special request you want after talking to him.


Ketut - Driver

Certified technician for many brands Ketut is now one of our lead tech-guys. Your own equipment feels funny? See him right away.


Ketut - Equipment

You’ll see Ketut (yes, another Ketut in Bali Diving) during equipment preparation process. He’s the guru in that department.